She Does It

She Does It.

Warrick Athletics decided to create a signature product for team Massie. William was encouraged to give his imput and immediately knew what he wanted. He needed snowboard pants that fit him.
William is tall and slender and the only retail pants that fit him were not very good pants. They didn't have a lot of features he was looking for - they weren't warm, they didn't fit great, they weren't durable, not very water repellent, etc. And his biggest problem was that ALL retail pants are designed for freestyle riders - they are baggier, have cargo pockets, don't fit at the waist, etc.
Per international FIS regulation, alpine snowboarders are NOT permitted to wear "skinsuits" like skiers. But that doesn't mean they have to wear the baggiest, most un-aerodynamic garments out there!
In fact, so many male alpine snowboarders are looking for more form fitting pants that they are turning to women's snowpants. Women's snowpants almost always have some stretch. They fit tighter and often times fit more like skinny jeans. This type of women's snowpants don't have cargo pockets (that add drag).
Generally, women's pants are better engineered than men's snowpants. There is clearly a market available out there for a new take on men's snowpants if male racers are wearing women's stretchy snowpants!
Another thing was that snowpants can be expensive. They train in them and compete with them in the brutal cold and the spring. So the pants need to be warm, yet flexible with venting and breathable fabric so that they are comfortable for spring snow conditions. That's a lot for 1 pair of pants to do!

December 2018 - Race to the Cup @ Buck Hill, MN

December 2018 - Race to the Cup @ Steamboat Springs, CO

February 2019 - Race to the Cup @ Holiday Valley, NY

April 2019 - USASA National Championships & Race to the Cup NorAm @ Copper Mountain, CO

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